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AMERICA turn of the century 1900

Sidonie Adair, the fictional heroine of Blame It On Bovary, grew up in New York City in a privileged class of wealth and society. 

To understand the historical background to the life of Sidonie,  read  Edith Wharton, specifically:

The Age of Innocence

The House of Mirth

The Custom of the Country

Old New York

Hudson River Bracketed

A daughter of this society, Edith Wharton was a master at putting into fiction this particular period of New York society mores. Edith  was born "old money" and was a strong defender of the old order; ironically, she was sometimes looked down upon by her social equals because, as a woman and American aristocracy, she'd dared take on a profession, even one as genteel as writing.

The fictional heroine Sidonie Adair took her life even step further than Edith Wharton and defied the old order and embraced a new order of American womanhood, more free and independent and self-defined and far beyond the traditional roles of women by historic standards.


PARIS turn of the century 1900

Sidonie travels to Paris with a charimastic Eastern spiritual leader and encounters the glamourous upper class life of a beautiful city, but a society that offers no more freedom to women than her home country. 

Determined to live her own life and find her own way, she stands out of the crowd from all other women present in the circle of a very important man with a large following....... 

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