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Beautiful, young and rich American heiress Sidonie Adair has a daring zest for life. In the first chapter Sidonie explores love for the first time, although she would never admit she is still a novice. She goes on to meet and captivate men from both sides of the Atlantic, a writer, an artist, an actor to name a few. And then there is the Eastern guru and adventures in Paris. She explores careers in art and theatre and then she will meet the man with a gun when everything goes marvelously awry. 


"I could be Sidonie.I could break into a world of risks and unexpected dangers. I could leave the comfort of my chair and embark on exploits with unknowable consequences. I could join the not-quite fearless heroine in pursuit of the life she knows if her destiny."– Barbara Marystone, lifelong English and writing teacher


"Part precocious child, part seductive woman, the beautiful eighteen –year- old Sidonie Adair is on the verge of falling into adulthood. But Sidonie doesn’t want to fall anywhere. She wants to grab at life with her own hands. 

She disdains her mother’s plan for Sidonie to follow the respectable life of wife and mother as befits the life of an heiress like the life the beautiful Clare chose for herself. How can Sidonie lead that life when she discovers her beautiful mother has secrets of her own? 

Instead Sidonie opens her arms and heart to new experiences, plunging into life like a parachutist in free fall. But if you rush at life with open arms you never know who you will catch in your embrace, or in whose embrace you will be caught!
Although not her first lover, Sidonie falls in love with the sophisticated writer, man of the world Marc Elliiot. But she falls out of love when Marc 'betrays her for a metaphor.' The spoiled Sidonie won’t be second best, even to a memory. 

Rushing down the steps from Marc’s apartment she loses her hat to Jean-Paul Maurice, aka Paul Terrance Mahoney. By the time he is 'Terry' the young painter has fallen under the spell of the bewitching heiress who is also a budding artist.
Soon friends Marc and Terry are vying for the heart  and more, of their lovely friend. 

After a scandalous Art Exhibition, Sidonie agrees to become an art student at St. Brigit’s College in St Paul. Despite the tutelage of the artist in residence Sister Rose Aurelia, the sedate college cannot hold the free thinking Sidonie.
She is lured into following a traveling gypsy acting troupe to Paris. And then the adventures only heat up. 

From Paris to New York to Paris again Sidonie tries out all of her skills, painting, acting sculpting and her specialty, seducing. Sidonie embraces one adventure after another. She even finds herself chasing and being chased by a couple of hit men. Never too harried to neglect the art of flirtation, along the way she collects the admiration and hearts of complete strangers, a holy man and even a hit man, the very elusive but very handsome Simon. 

Pursued across the European countryside by her friends, mother and The Organization, Sidonie’s life is so removed from the sedate life of an ordinary heiress even Madame Bovary would be amazed.

Will Sidonie learn her mother’s secret and will it affect her life? How does the affection of a holy man compare to the attention of a hit man? Can anyone win the heart of the lovely Sidonie? Will you be able to put down this novel? Read Blame it on Bovary and find out.

-Phyllis Hepp

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