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Blame It On Bovary is now available for purchase at as an e-book 

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“Sidonie Adair is almost too much fun. If you like your romantic thrillers sexy and sophisticated, then this is your book.”

A striking American heiress and an accomplished international assassin become unlikely allies in this literate and compelling turn-of-the-twentieth century page-turner. He hadn’t planned on kidnapping her. She just got in the way. Now the enigmatic killer has to decide whether to kiss or kill the tempestuous, artistic beauty. But he limits his choices once he gives her his gun. Turns out he’s going to need her help as a mutual enemy pursues them across two continents. 

“I could be Sidonie.  Give up my buttoned-down ways.  Break into a world of risks and unexpected dangers.  Test myself to see if I really do know what love is.  Leave the comfort of my chair and embark on exploits with unknowable consequences.  Join this not-quite-fearless heroine in her pursuit of the life she knows is her destiny.”


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