About Author Elaine Wagner


I had three dreams in my life:  a happy marriage; time to write books; and a successful career.

In 1961 I married Darrell who was handsome, smart, funny and devoted to me and our two children, Kristin and Douglas. There must have been days in our 34-year-long marriage when he was less than perfect.  And, of course, I wasn’t always agreeable. But right now I can’t think of any. My only complaint is that he died before we reached our 35th or better yet our 50th anniversary.

In 1973 when Doubleday published my mystery, A CASE OF BOTTLED MURDER, I thought I was on a roll towards dream two. As it turned out it wasn’t easy balancing writing, motherhood and librarianship, and so dream two was put on hold.

When I retired from the St. Paul Public Library in 1998 dream three, went into the completed column. I had spent 37 years bringing people and books together. I did fact-finding and book recommendations at small branches, large branches and the Central Library.  I promoted the library with book reviews, news stories, radio shows and special events. I coordinated book purchasing for the whole system. Especially fun were those occasional chances to puppeteer! Especially when I got to write the script.

In 1999 dream two was back on track. The College of St. Catherine offered a course called Recording Your Memories.  Jack Galloway, visiting professor from the University of Minnesota was so inspiring that in 2008 seven of his writers went on to establish the Red Cloud Publishing Group. Our nonprofit house published two books and my memoir FEELING THE DISTANCE was book two.

Today, in 2013, I am pleased to announce the publication my new novel Blame It On Bovary under a new imprint, Tremolo Books

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