"Blame It On Bovary" Is A Great Read!

"Blame It On Bovary is an elegantly-written literary thriller that includes the drama and action of The Bourne Identity and the other Jason Bourne novels, and the language and sensibility and historic backdrop of The Age of Innocence

And yes, there is an assassin, and a gun, and chase scenes. And danger and excitement. 

And lots of romance. Author Elaine Wagner is that one in a million writer who has a true literary gift. Her writing style and story structure and characters fully engage you and make you want more." – (Joan Holman)

"Interlaced with plot twists and turns and UNEXPECTED SURPRISES, 'Blame It On Bovarydrew me into a world of love, danger, and romantic tension heightened by a dynamic interplay between captor and captive, hunter and hunted. WOW!

BOLD ADVENTURES OF RICH YOUNG AMERICAN HEIRESS–Young, beautiful and Sidonie Adair defies societal norms for women in the early 1900s and chooses to live life on her own terms. Daring and independent, with a mind of her own, she gets swept up into danger and intrigue through a series of choices that take her from her life of wealth and privilege in New York, to a private women's college in Minnesota, to Paris with a charismatic Eastern guru

PASSION, ROMANCE & DANGER–Sidonie is shot during a thwarted assassination attempt on the guru and then kidnapped by the hired assassin. This begins a life and death adventure that puts both of them on the run throughout the French countryside. The exotically-handsome assassin ignites deep passions within Sidonie and a romantic bond that will test her true loyalities.


Entertaining and suspenseful, Blame Is On Bovary will make you want more of Sidonie Adair, an unpredictable and willful young woman whose choices, and their consequences, at times, even surpise herself.


"Blame It On Bovary" Book Launch Event June 5 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The Center for Continuing Education 

presents the launch event for 

"Blame it on Bovary" the third book by Elaine Weimar Wagner 

Wednesday June 5 at 7 p.m.

4th floor of Derham Hall

Saint Catherine University 

St. Paul, Minnesota

Elaine will read and take questions about the writing and publishing process. Her editor Jack Galloway will lead the discussion of this “literate historical thriller”. The novel is the first in a new series about the adventures of Sidonie Adair, a striking American heiress who becomes an unlikely ally with Simon, an accomplished international assassin. At first she just got in his way, but soon he needs her as a mutual enemy pursues them across two continents.

RSVP to: CE@stkate.edu, or 651-690-6819

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